New year: *insert witty New Year’s saying here*

Well dear friends it has been quite some time since the last post. Over the last (nearly) three months, the Devine-Klauck’s have had a number of life changes – most of which have been wonderful, some of which have been trying.

So, good news or bad news first? Ok, bad news it is!

The wonderful Andrew seriously injured his hand at work. He had surgery and numerous follow up appointments; in addition, he may not be able to fully feel properly with his thumb. Poor man! *que cries of pitty*

Ok, now I will soften bad news with rainbow sprinkles of great news! A good news coating, if you will.

The holiday season brought upon us some AMAZING gear for our travels. Andrew and I went a bit on the crazy side, but it was well worth it! Feast your eyes on these triumphant backpacks, good people!



But wait – there’s more! As if that wasn’t enough, we also stocked up on solid coats, boots and hiking socks for Andrew, packing cubes, a quick drying travel towel, travel umbrella, and a wicked TSA approved multi-tool. Sweet nectar of life!

Also since November, I started a new job at a travel agency (yes they still exist and are awesome). I am loving the new gig so far. I have already learned an abundance of things that will undoubtedly help on our treks across the world. Not only that, but the new gig has also opened up an opportunity for a free (yah heard me – FREE) stay at a new 5 star resort in Mexico! HOORAH! But, as with all light, there is some darkness.

New job equals new rules. I had it made working at the children’s museum when it came to scheduling. I wrote the schedule for my department, so naturally I could schedule travel whenever I wanted. Not only that, but I had the added bonus of having accrued vacation time. Being the newbie, I am not privy to any of those perks at the travel agency. I have to bide my time and hope I don’t get deathly ill so I won’t use any of my days off for silly thinks like being sick. But even if I am able to do that, I will only have 2 weeks worth of vacation saved by my first year. Obviously not enough for an epic month of galavanting about Europe. Le booooooo..

However, we will not be defeated by new circumstances! We will snag that sweet free trip to Mexico (which is four days/three nights),  AND go to Ireland for at least 10 days. This will open up some space for 2017 Europe travels and allow me to finally visit the Emerald Isle as planned this year. Cause Andrew loves me and wants me to be happy. What a guy!

I will do my duty to keep everyone informed as Andrew and I figure out the finer points of our new travel plans.

Until next time kiddos…

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