Recenter: Mini Adventure

Hello dear friends and family. The extended hiatus that (with this post) has just ended was due to a number of different events. I’ve been fighting off several very nasty illnesses which include, but are not limited to, an upper respiratory infection and a cold. Oh I know you are all so jelly, don’t even try to hide it! But also due to an extremely upsetting situation with my grandparents.

As many of you may well know, my grandmother just passed away about a week ago from a very aggressive and quick moving from of cancer. Therefore, most of my free time has been spent driving back and forth from St. Louis so that I could spend as much time with her as possible before her kind and loving energy scattered about to all corners of the Earth – no doubt to warm the hearts of all.


So, as it stands now, many of my former travel plans are placed on a temporary hold. BUT we have some new modified plans in the works now. And heeeerrrreeee they are! *said in Price is Right style*

Tomorrow night, Andrew and I are setting out on our first overnight with the infamous Jameson Devine. We plan to hike a bit of the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit and camp under the stars for an evening to reconnect and recenter after the hectic whirlwind of the past few months. This will be our first trip with all of our new gear as well as our first family outing with Jameson (see pictorial evidence of cuteness at the end of this post).



While on this overnight, we will be trying out some new recipes for backpacking meals including and Oreo pudding dessert (ooooooo!!). If they pass our strenuous taste test, I will happily post the recipes on my next post – which will be later this week when we return! I know! Two posts in one week? Get outta town!

Andrew and I (and, depending on how tomorrow night goes, Jameson also) plan to take more backpacking trips – no matter how short – to keep moving forward with our plans to dominate world travel Mwahahhaaha!!

I also just received word that I was selected to go on a FAM trip through work to Punta Cana! While this is a work trip and will, therefore, not be as leisurely as normal travel, I am still so excited to get out and get my first stamp on my new passport. Better still, one of my work buddies was selected to go as well. So needless to say, this trip will be the bees knees no matter what. So this trip will be May 1 to 5. Once I have more information, I will be sure to post it here.

And here’s where we stand on previously stated plans: Mexico will be happening no matter what before December cause I have to use the free nights before then. Ireland has been (sadly and much to my chagrin) moved to next year either in March (for St. Patrick’s Day) or June (for Bloomsday). IF we are able to swing it, we will also do Oktoberfest next year. I have my fingers crossed I won’t be fighting as much crazy illnesses the rest of this year/next year so I can save up my vacation time and go on all trips.

Well, til next time …


Above: pictorial evidence of cuteness

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