50 days and counting! 

Hello readers! My sincere apologies about the long hiatus between posts. Life got away from me again.

I bet all of you are wondering how my goal to reach a better sense of self is going. To be honest, I did really really well until the holiday season. To be fair, it wasn’t only the delicacies at Thanksgiving or the addictive treats at Christmas. There were quite a few familial ups and downs starting after Halloween that kind of knocked me off my health horse. HOWEVER, I picked it back up for the new year, so there will be a few progress posts. But for the most part, my blog is going to focus on the original topic in the upcoming months… Which was what again? Flower bouquet making? How to train your dog to only bug your spouse? Knitting sweaters out of cat hair? Hmmm…. OH right no no TRAVEL! And on that note…

It’s almost here!!! My long awaited trip is fast approaching!! T-50 days until I take off for the Emerald Isle! *clears throat*

Indeed, I do have but 50 days to get the rest of my affairs in order prior to leaving the country for two weeks. In preparation for said trip, I did what I will call a “dry run” of packing.

Since I decided to carry on with my awesome backpack (courtesy of Backpacker Andrew), I had to work within the confines of very specific baggage allowance. Aer Lingus (the air carrier I chose – surprise surprise) allows a carry on bag of 22lbs maximum, with the length of 21 inches. My pack is almost exactly 21 inches, so I have very little wiggle room in that capacity. The other dimensions are so far from what my pack can even achieve I completely ignored them.
How did I do it,you ask? Well allow me to show you!

Above is the entire contents of my pack. Yes, seriously. From left to right, I have 2 scarves, a microfiber towel, make-up, umbrella, plug adapter, deodorant, toothbrush/ toothpaste, hair brush/ accessories, an extra collapsible bag for any souvenirs I purchase, and three packing cubes of clothes (not pictured are my shoes, which consists of one black and one brown pair of boots and flip flops for the shower). I will break down what I have in the two large packing cubes below (Andrew doesn’t use these cause they take up room, but I like my pack ultra organized).

Packing cube #1 has 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of leggings and my sleepwear (I opted for yoga pants and a t-shirt).

Packing cube #2 has 3 dresses, 2 cardigans, 2 basic crew neck tees, 1 flannel, and one nicer shirt.

The small packing cube has all my undergarments, which I did not deem appropriate for your viewing pleasure. However, within that cube are 5 pairs of underwear, 5 pairs of socks, 5 tank tops (if you know me well, I wear them literally every day with everything), and 2 bras.

And that’s it! All fit quite perfectly in my 46 liter pack. 😁

Now, I know some of you may be wondering what I’m wearing at the end of my 5 day supply of clothes, and the answer is the same clothes! Luckily for me, my hostel has laundry facilities. So, about half way through my trip I will have a laundry day. But hey, it beats having to check a bag and wasting valuable time in the Motherland waiting for my bag to come.

In addition, I am also purchasing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash when I arrive. This will save me on weight and will also ensure I won’t run out. Cause, you know, these long, flowing locks need lots of nourishment.

That’s it for this round kiddos! I’ll be back in a week or so with another installment of trip planning epicness.

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