Go Go Gadgets!

Hello again dear readers!

We are officially THREE WEEKS out. That’s it kids. 😨😨😨

I realize in my last post I advised I would be discussing the day trips I have planned. But, upon further review, decided that would spoil all the fun of the posts to come after said day trips are had. So instead, I’m afraid, we will settle for a bit of a gadget review.

While planning a trip (not this one in particular, but the very first month long escapade we planned. You can read about that in my first blog post), Andrew and I did tons of research on gear and helpful gadgets. Most of which we did not procure, as they did not fully suit our travel needs. HOWEVER, some things we did get, and I’ve been holding out on a few of them. Ha!😎

1. Lifestraw Bottle

First up, we have possibly one of my favorite little guys: the Lifestraw Water bottle. This little sucker filters while you drink, so you will have filtered water wherever you go. I realize I sound just ridiculous, but I’m weird about water. I swear tap has a flavor, and I don’t like it. So this, for me, is a game changer. You can purchase them online or you can support your local REI.

2. Packing Cubes

The next item I’ve showcased before, but they are worth mentioning on this list: packing cubes. They come in a variety of sizes, and they fit more than you think because they are expandable. I love them because they keep my clothes organized, and as I use them I can rearrange my clothes to have a dirty cube. I find them to be most useful. They do work nicely in a larger backpack like mine, or in just about any suitcase. Best part is they don’t set you back too much. A set of three is only about $20.

3. GoTubes

Up next is an item that is super obvious, but ultimately needed: GoTubes. There are a wide variety of travel size containers for shampoo, conditioner, ect., but GoTubes are my favorite by far. They come apart so they are easy to clean, and they have a rotating label cap. No need to write on you bottle or try to remember by color. Also, I’ve NEVER had a leaking issue with these. Andrew likes the REI brand, which are a few ounces lighter, but I find it’s hard to get all the liquid out of those.

4. Microfiber Towel

Another item I simply do not go on vacation with out is a microfiber towel. These bad boys come in several sizes and dry so fast, you’ll forget you even showered. While doing research on hostels, I found many places made you pay for towels (or as they called it “towels for hire”). I’m not about that life, so got myself some. I have an XL size, which is about the size of a regular bath towel, and a small washcloth size.

5. Sleeping Bag Liner

If you are forever cold like me, an extra little bit of warmth is always on your mind. We purchased sleeping bag liners for backpacking, but they work quite well for travels as well. I have the Thermolite Extreme liner. It’s insolated the best and doesn’t take up too much space (pictured below with a 3 oz GoTube for reference).

6. Travel Sleep Kit

This is kind of an odd commodity, and is not for everyone. I found this kit at Barnes & Noble of all places. It has an inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs in a small matching Jersey knit bag. I’ve used the inflatable neck pillow on several occasions and the ear plugs are decent also. I’m personally not a fan of sleeping masks in general, so I can neither confirm nor deny it’s usefulness. I know some people are very picky about pillows and such, but for me this is perfect. And it’s nice and compact for all your travel needs!

7. Stuff Convertible Tote

This is one of my favorite finds from REI. It’s a tote bag that can also convert into a backpack that folds into its own pocket. It’s amazing. So, I will have a little day pack for the excursions I go on, and extra space on the way home for souvenirs. Plus, it’s super sturdy and made of rip stop material. A travel necessity,in my opinion.

8. Waterproof Journal with Space Pen

Probably my favorite Christmas gift this past year was this journal/pen combo. The journal is waterproof (obviously), so there’s no need to worry about loosing the countless hours you spend jotting down blog ideas and travel memories. The pen is an anti gravity pen used by NASA. You can write at any angle – even upside-down while kissing the Blarney Stone!

9. Spot GPS Locator

We will end with this epic piece of equipment. Spot is a GPS Locator. It allows you to press a button and transmit your exact location to loved ones or, in case of emergencies, rescuers. I’m not taking this on my trip as I will have cell service, but Andrew will have this while he hikes for 3 weeks in the summer with no cell service. It’s definitely a piece of mind for those off-grid adventures.

And that’s it for today (I know, you were expecting one more to make the list a nice even 10. Tough cookies! I’m an odd number lady)! Catch you all next week for my second to last pre-trip post!


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