Princess Worrypants

I will warn you now, this post is gonna be a bit on the short side. I promise I have great plans for epic posts in the future, and I wanted to stay true to my word with one post a week until take off. So please cut me a wee bit of slack this week.


Well, if I wasn’t freaking out before, I most certainly am now. It’s crunch time folks! T-Two Weeks until take-off!!!

With precisely 14 days until departure, I am officially to the over thinking, over planning, and over worrying stage in trip prep. It’s finally starting to set in that I will be going completely alone to a country I’ve never been to before. 😐

Knowing that I’ve always been a bit of a worrywart and certainly a planner (cause if you’re going to worry, you may as well give yourself a reason), it’s taken quite a bit over the course of planning this trip to reel myself in. I’ve gotten much better about noticing when I’m crossing the line from dedicated traveler to crazy lady. That being said, there is only so much I can do when I am oh so close to feeling the emerald green under my feet. I actually planned out 5 full days of my trip. Who does this? That would be this girl.

Just to give you a taste of what’s going on in my crazy brain, here’s an example of the actual conversation I had with Andrew last night:


Me: I’m worried.

Andrew: What are you worried about?

Me: All of the things.

Andrew: Well stop it. You’re going to have an awesome time.

Me: But what if I wake someone up on the plane when I’m getting out to go to the bathroom and everyone is all like ‘look at that girl waking people up she’s just awful’ and I will then have no friends.

Andrew:…Are you listening to yourself right now?


Yeah. That happened.

But some good has come from my crazy antics. I have all of my research consolidated down to a few sheets of loose leaf paper – perfect travel companion size. I am VERY familiar with my hostel location in reference to just about every major tourist attraction, so no need to worry about me finding my way home. Also, my budget is so on point, I could probably get a job as a professional financial planner.

The key for me right now is to stay sane enough to make it 14 more days. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Oy vey.

Until next week kids!

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