The Kerry Recruit

Hello again from yet another magical place!

Today’s song of the day is “The Kerry Recruit” by the Dubliners.

Today, I made my way to the far Southwest of the island to check out some famous castle ruins. I used a different tour company for this one, and it was my least favorite to be honest. The guide was nice enough, but the other tour company seemed to just add a bit extra to make sure you were really enjoying yourself. This one just kinda drove you places and dropped you off. Not a huge deal, but I missed the fun of the other company.

First stop of the day was in Cashel, County Tipperary, to see the Rock of Cashel. This is where the cross of Saint Patrick is as well as the site where he explained the Christian religion to the people of Ireland using the clover. Pretty amazing stuff! Also, fun fact of this trip, the Celtic Cross – the iconic one with the circle and the knot work – was actually one of the ways Saint Patrick made it easier for the pagans of the time to adopt Christianity. The circle is the symbol of paganism. Boom!

Next stop was a brief little stint in Cork. Apparently, the people of Cork think Cork City should be the capital of the country because the English could never fully take over Cork. Interesting place indeed, but we only had about an hour to explore.

Final destination was the infamous Blarney Castle and Stone. The grounds if this castle are absolutely stunning. It would be worth a visit just to walk the grounds, if I’m honest. But I, as most people do, decided to try my luck at smooching that stone.

The climb to the stone is incredible. You can explore different sections of the castle as you climb the narrow spiral staircase to the very top where the Blarney Stone is. The poor man who was ever so nice to hold folks as they nearly fell head first and backwards down the castle wall, had to coax me. It’s fine enough to be standing​ in an old castle that high up, completely different dangling upside-down. But, I did it! I promise, I have photographic proof, I just haven’t downloaded it just yet.

Tomorrow is my last day in Dublin. No solid plans as of yet, so stay tuned!

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