Farewell to Carlingford

Hello to all from the lovely Dublin Airport!

Last song of the day is “Farewell to Carlingford” by the Dubliners.

This morning I finished packing, ate my last free breakfast at Avalon House, and decided to go one one last stroll to Saint Patrick’s Park. The sun was shining once more, owners played with their dogs, landscapers began the final trim for the holiday. Brilliant morning indeed.

I decided to take a Taxi to the airport – one last little chat with a local before departing. The 30 minute ride was full of good laughs with driver Thomas. We chit chatted about the parade tomorrow, what I did while I was in town, the best and worst tourists.

I have learned many things while on this trip. Not going into it all now, but I am returning home a slightly different person. I am proud and privileged to be able to do what I did.

There is one thing that is absolutely certain, I will dearly miss Ireland.

So, I bid a temporary farewell to the Emerald Isle. You can be sure that I will be back

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