Was zu essen: Deutschland

Hello again, dear readers!

To keep in the theme of the last post, I would like to continue my culinary recommendations, this time in Germany. While there are many delightful dishes to enjoy – fresh pretzels, Black Forest cake, a wide array of sausages, and chocolate that is to die for – there are a few I believe you have to have at least once while in Germany.

  1. Roasted Duck with Potato Dumplings – while this doesn’t sound traditionally German, this meal is one that needs to be tried by any and all people who visit the great country of Germany. Augustiner Keller, located near the center of Munich, is the place to go. Delicious German beer (served in either half or full liters) paired with this mouthwatering dish – what’s not to love?

roasted duck

2. Döner Kebab – This delightful quick eat is a must have if you ever visit Germany in general. Served in a pita-like pocket bread and filled with Döner meat (similar to a gyro), veggie salad, sauce, and fries. There are tons of options as to where to procure this delectable treat, but I would suggest any outdoor food stand (see below).


3. Weisswurst – When you think of traditional German food, chances are sausage is what comes to mind. While there are a variety of sausages (or Wurst) to try when you are in Deutschland, I would suggest trying Weisswurst at least once. Weisswurst is a veal sausage (often with pork back bacon) seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices such as parsley, lemon, ginger, mace and onions. It is traditionally served in a “bath” of hot water prior to noon (this is a breakfast type thing). Super delicious and highly recommended.


4. Schnitzel – If you like breaded and fried anything, this is the meal for you. Schnitzel is basically pork that is pounded thin and then breaded and fried. There are, of course, different flavors and styles depending on where you go. Andy’s Kreblergarten has a slew of choices – I would recommend either the horseradish and sweet mustard Schnitzel or the cheese sauce Schnitzel. Either way, you will want to eat this every day for the rest of your life.


5. Currywurst – Another delightful street food that is literally everywhere. Currywurst is a sausage (kinda goes without saying) covered in a tomato curry sauce with extra curry powder on top and served with fries. Please be advised, currywurst is addicting. You will want it always. Super delightful. Again, the best places to get currywurst are at street stalls across the city, but if you want the full experience, I would suggest the Deutsches Currywurst Museum in Berlin.

Currywurst Is Berlin Specialty

6. Pferdleberkas – This one may turn a few stomachs, but trust me on this. Leberkas is somewhat of a mix between meatloaf and SPAM. It looks a bit odd, but is incredibly delicious and a must have while in Bavaria at the very least. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, I would highly recommend Pferdleberkas… which is horse Leberkas. You can find a lovely Pferdleberkas sandwich at the Pferdemetzgerei in the Viktualienmarkt.


7. Schweinshaxe – Bless you! (bad joke) This is pork knuckle. My goodness me do the Germans know what to do with pork products. Traditionally, Schweinshaxe is cooked on huge spits, turned slowly, allowing the skin to get all crispy and delightful. If you try nothing else, please please try this. I was lucky enough to have a Schweinshaxe sandwich at Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus on my last visit to Germany.


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